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Genfocus Automation specializes in Engineering, Manufacturing and Integration of automated production systems. We provide innovate technological solutions to a wide range of customers in the fields of Water, Waste Water, DC & AC Power Systems, Manufacturing and Industrial processes with the help of our team of qualified experts in Automation, Instrumentation & Engineering. We supply Industrial AC UPS, Battery Chargers, Inverters, Data Center UPS Systems, Generator Automation / Control Modules, Industrial Ni-Cd, VRLA, Li-Ion Batteries, Field & Analytical Instruments etc.

  • Control Panels Design
  • PLC/SCADA/RTU Systems
  • Industrial Automation
  • Lube Oil Blending Plants Automation
  • Water Quality Analyzer Systems (pH, Chlorine, Conductivity, Turbidity, etc.)
  • Instrumentation Sales & Services (Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level etc.)
  • Metering Panels
  • DC & AC UPS Systems
  • VRLA & Ni-Cd Batteries
  • Load Banks, UPS systems and Battery Chargers with Batteries on Rental
  • Electrical Control Panels (LVDM, MDB, Pump Control Panels etc.)

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